Rebillard Public Relations takes you into the new age of digital public relations and “new media  PR” –  A place where you live online! 

We’re at a crossroads in marketing where consumers, brands, and organizations are looking to understand consumers’ lifestyles and behavior changes. What are consumers thinking? What motivates them to act? What affects their desire to engage with our brand? 

We know that it’s no longer talking the talk – people are now excitedly seeking out brands that take action. So, we help you plan and execute innovative strategies across multiple platforms to seamlessly maintain and grow a healthy relationship with your target demographics. We integrate our team with yours because we are firm believers that the best results come from a group – people who are willing to be a part of something much bigger. 

Healthcare PR

Our campaigns vary based on the scope of the project and the industry.

From small local events to nationwide multichannel disease awareness campaigns, our team develops creative programming to reach consumers, healthcare providers, and the media.

  • Position you with the appropriate advocacy groups.
  • Help you to conceptualize a project and execute it to completion.
  • Manage your media relations — reaching the right people at the right time.
  • Message and content development for blogs, websites, marketing materials, social media and more.
  • Research your audience and competitors to develope the most succinct message.
  • Review you current messaging across all platforms for consistency and make recommendations to brand you.
  • Translate your message to your audience — in a language they understand.
  • Recommend sponsorship opportunities.
  • Plan events that brand you including patient recognition, medical conferences, and in the case of non-profit foundations — fundraising events.

Commercial Developers

For commercial  developers we create community relations campaigns that simplify your  project to the local community to avoid the lengthy delays that often arise when communities are not educated properly on new projects.  We strategize, develop your presence, expand your reach, nurture your relationships, create partnerships, and measure the results.   From the beginning of the SEQRA process through ground-breaking and beyond, we keep your message clear!

Non-Fiction Authors

We work with non-fiction authors to take  their message to the masses.  From dangers on  the U.S/Mexican Border, to  understanding the mind-set of paramilitary groups in  the U.S., to the dangers of cell phones, we have created successful marketing  campaigns for our clients across the national media.

Social Media

Let’s face it, social media campaigns are an important part of today’s marketing campaigns.  We will work with you to set-up your social media, we’ll maintain it for you — writing your blog posts, posting to your Facebook page and “tweeting” for you on Twitter.  We’ll connect you on the social networks and grow your “likes” on Facebook.  We will make the appropriate connections to Internet communities that you should be in and get you plugged into key Twitter followers!  We are defined by the relationships that we build for you!  Remember, engagement is the key to effective social media marketing.  It’s not enough to just build followers, friends and “likes.”  Getting people to interact with you, recommend you, and become a brand advocate… that’s the mission.

Database Development

Some of the best information that you have for marketing is already stored in your database.  We help you “mine” that data, segment it for targeted messages, and grow it!  We evaluate the current database system that you are using and make recommendations on how to improve it, or in some cases, what to replace it with.  Our goal is to make sure that your database is efficient and streamlined so that it does the work for you. We make sure that it easily integrates with your email blast program and your website.

Media Outreach “the press release”

Almost anyone can get a press release template and write a release, but getting that release to the right media is key.  We do media outreach to print, radio, television and Internet outlets.  We have extensive media lists that include producers for national media programs that include Today, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, 60 Minutes and more.  We have built relationships with producers and editors at Fox, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR, The New York Times, USA Today, TIME and more! We develop media lists that reach local and regional media outlets across the United States, trade media, reporters who cover your industry, broadcast media, wires, and online blogs and publications.

Marketing Campaigns

We do complete marketing campaigns that include graphics and website development, too!  Although we ourselves do not develop websites or design logos – we do work with an exceptional team of sub-contractors.  We will arrange for you to work directly with them or, if you prefer, we will manage the entire project and simplify the process.

Rebillard Public Relations will help you with:

  • Advertising/Creative/Branding
  • Event Planning
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media Management
  • Website content/Search Engine Optimization
  • Strategic Communication
  • Database evaluation
  • Email blasts
  • Copywriting/Editing
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Promotions
  • Direct Marketing
  • Focus Groups
  • Crisis Communication Planning